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We understand that staying connected is a necessity.

That’s why we strive to provide continuous support to keep you online,
for your peace of mind.

It’s the unifi promise.

At unifi, we are committed to giving you the best connectivity experience

Below are some of the ways we show that we care


Troubleshoot easily from home

Some connectivity issues are minor and can be easily solved with a few tweaks. For these situations, our EasyFix Self-Service feature is a convenience tool that saves you time and trouble.

  • Self diagnose and troubleshoot for faster restoration on any connectivity issues.
  • Easy DIY steps to restore internet connection, telephony, and unifiTV performance.
  • Auto-creation of ticket (report) or access to Live Chat agent for further assistance

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Service Alerts

Keeping you one step ahead of issues

Our team at unifi will take the initiative to notify you of any unifi connectivity or physical service failure on TM’s network in our effort to keep you informed. Rest easy with the knowledge that your connection will be restored in short order.

  • Receive upfront alerts via SMS and myunifi app push notification on internet service failure before you even notice it.
  • Simplified user confirmation of service disruption to auto-create support tickets for prompt restoration.

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Stay updated at all times

Receive current updates on the status of your service requests. This enables you to track real-time progress of service and technical requests, including #unifiCareCrew details.

All service restoration details and progress at your fingertips.

  • View and track real-time progress and updates via the myunifi app.
  • Ability to view assigned #unifiCareCrew details.

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24 hrs
Service Restoration

Our commitment to reconnect you

As a final measure of our determination to serve you better, we have made a commitment to restore your connectivity within 24 hours of the creation of an official downtime report.

  • If we are unable to restore service within the guaranteed time, a *billing rebate will be issued, redeemable via myunifi app within 30 days.
  • Eligible customers will be notified via SMS and myunifi app push notification.

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Elite Experts

Expert solutions just for you

When you encounter something that needs just that little extra care, unifi Elite Experts are here for you. These experts are highly-trained professionals focused on giving you the best possible connectivity experience, be it through detailed assessments, consultations, or troubleshooting services.

  • Wi-Fi consultancy, tailor-made for you by our team of experts.
  • No more Wi-Fi dead zones or low Wi-Fi performance in your premise with help from unifi Elite Experts.

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#unifiTips Videos

Learn how to get the most out of your unifi experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can self-diagnose and troubleshoot internet connection, internet speed, Wi-Fi, telephony and unifi TV problems via portal and mobile phone.

Not to worry, if your issue is still not resolved after your self troubleshooting activity, a report will be automatically created or you will have access to our Live Chat.

You can access EasyFix via myunifi app, unifi Portal,or direct link at through your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

If a network fault is detected on TM side, we will proactively send a notification via SMS and/or myunifi in-app push notification if;

  • Your account status is active; i.e not suspended
  • There are no open trouble ticket / reports
  • The downtime is not affecting multiple customers in the same area

You will receive the following message from us:

“Hi. We detected a problem with yourunifi@unifi internet connection. Please click here to restore now”

You will need to do the following once you receive the notification for us to proceed with the restoration:

  1. Click on the link provided.
  2. Verify with your NRIC/Passport no./Business registration no.
  3. Confirm the account info displayed is accurate.
  4. If accurate please click on “Proceed to restore my unifi service” for us to proceed with restoration. TM Care Crew will contact you before visiting your premise.
  5. If inaccurate or you do not agree to proceed for restoration, please click on “I disagree with the restoration” and share with us the reasons.

Yes, all unifi customers will get the notification if we have detected an issue with their service.

However, you will NOT get a notification, if:

  • Your account is suspended
  • You have already made a report on your service failure
  • The downtime is affecting multiple customers in the area.
The SMS notification will be sent to you from 66555.
Yes. You can still get notification via SMS but it is recommended for you to use the myunifi app.You can download the myunifi app at

Once you receive the notification, you can view and track your activities including restoration progress via myunifi app and unifi portal.

To view the status of your report through myunifi app :

  1. Click on ‘Account’ at the bottom of myunifi app home page.
  2. Click on ‘My Activity’ tab
  3. Click ‘Unifi Home Technical request’ to view status updates
  4. The activity details information will appear
  5. Click on ‘Track Status’ to view the real-time progress.

To view the status of your report through unifi portal:

  1. Go to and click ‘Login/Register’
  2. Register or login using registered email with DigitalMe
  3. Scroll down until the bottom, and click on ‘My Activity’
  4. On ‘My Activity’ page, you may view your report status by:
    • Keying in your reference number or;
    • Searching via date range or;
    • Searching for reference number based on ticket type (Click "All Request, All Services")
  5. Click ‘Track Ticket’ to view status details
Your ticket (report) history will be visible for the next 90 days.
This bill rebate redemption is only applicable for unifi broadband packages with speeds of 100Mbps and above.
We’re sorry, rebates that have expired are considered void and will not be reissued.
The rebate is not allowed to be exchanged with cash, cheque, nor bank transfer.
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