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Get unifi Home and unifi TV ultimate Pack

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unifi Plus Box is the only box you’ll ever need.

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unifi Plus Box is the only box you’ll ever need!

The ultimate unifi TV experience : watch everything from live sports, breaking news, documentaries, local and international dramas.

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Why unifi fibre?

Unparalleled Coverage

Access the best and widest coverage high speed internet in Malaysia.

High Speed, Fast

Get your high speed internet installed within 24 hours for free.

Never Run Out of Entertainment

Only the best entertainment with 70 channels from the 4K Android TV Box and unifi TV, in your own home.

Troubleshoot, Without Trouble

We send our very own unifi experts directly to your home to service or troubleshoot any issues you might have.

Plan all in one

The Ultimate unifi Home Experience

Enjoy the highest internet speeds with FREE Mesh Wi-Fi to boost Wi-Fi signal in your home. Get everything done online with faster speed and stream TV entertainment on all screens.

Plan entertainment

Endless entertainment - now yours to enjoy.

With unifi TV and unlimited broadband internet, enjoy even more of the latest entertainment options 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

Plan unlimited 0

Unlimited, even for just internet.

Simple no-frills internet plans at speeds you'll love.

Even more good stuff for your home.

Start with Internet then make it your own by adding TV packages,internet boosters and more.

Get the most of unifi with no blindspot at home. Boost your Wi-Fi signal with Mesh Wi-Fi now and stay connected comfortably in every room.

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With true-to-life picture quality that gives you a crisper picture. From the latest blockbusters to your favourite TV shows in one box.

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Enjoy ALL of unifi TV channels including LIVE sports, Korean, kids, local dramas, international TV shows and many more!

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